10 blogging tips for your YouTube Channel

Published at: November 7, 2022

In the initial years, the YouTube blogging was started as an interest, hobby or leisure activity. As the time passed , with growth in the entertainment aspect of YouTube , it has become the most sought after profession. Now apart from spreading awareness, it has created tremendous opportunities for bloggers. Be it an educationist, psychologist, physiotherapist, fashion world icon or other professionals, everyone has made their presence felt amongst the public through blogging on YouTube. Now when it is crystal clear that blogging has power to generate wealth as well as fame ,then nobody should left behind and try their luck in blogging but then things which blurs the  idea is ” How to start” ,,so if you are new to blogging then here are few tips for you :


The famous quote,” Everybody is talented , everybody who is human has something to express” points correctly that everyone has some inherent qualities and these are so strong that we make our world based on these intact qualities of ours. Only one thing to think about is to get to know about your talent. So once you have found it then the next step is to polish it as to manage the subscribers can be done through buying Indian subscribers   So at first step just focus to bring the best out of you.


To make your blog a big hit , you can target Indian subscribers by buying these, but you need to talk to yourself about the purpose of your blog  . And once you know your destination then the next action should be to decide the path to be taken i.e. mission. Now decide the number of missions which can lead you towards your vision. And rest can be assured through buying watch hours for your blog.


And the big mistake that is being done by many unsuccessful bloggers is to copy others. Never replicate others. You will be able to attract more viewers if you will focus on your originality.

Always remember the famous comedian Kapil Sharma. He is able to maintain his audience as he has never ever copied any other show. As more original you will be , more viewers can be bought for your YouTube blog.


The viewers will be more hooked to your channel if you will be regular in providing content. Rest can be left to buying watch hours as it can make your blog more visible to your audience.


There is no doubt that you can arrange your audience by buying Indian subscribers but to create content of their type is entirely your responsibility. To know about them you can get feedback through comments and plan the next blog as per their interest.


Although to increase your watch hours you can simply buy it but you have to plan your activities beforehand. You can keep your audience engaged through contests ,quizzes and sometimes can give reward for a prompt response. Through engagement you can bring more subscribers to your channel.

7. Connection with your viewers

When preparing your blogs , always try to establish a rapport with your viewers. Sometimes you can open the live chat platform and if some good suggestion and answer is coming then don’t forget to name the viewer. These small gestures will bring more popularity to your blog.


There is one famous Hindi proverb

Jo dikhta woh bikhta hai means one who is visible will have more dominance in the market so here blogging can make you wealthy and popular but for that you need to target Indian subscribers so to buy Indian subscribers will be a wise step to make yourself visible online.


Once you have come to know that you have chalked out a plan for your blog then there is time to make investment. This investment may appear as an expenditure initially but in the long run it’s going to benefit you. Investment can be in the form taking help from a techie , setting up a studio or buying subscribers or buying watch hours.

10. Target Indian subscribers

India being the second most populous country of the world has ample number of opportunities for new bloggers. If you are serious about setting up your blog, you can never ignore the power of Indian subscribers. So to buy Indian subscribers should be your top most priority.

Last but not the least , put best of your efforts to make your blog a big hit. As blogging is not just a part time job but it has become a highly paid profession .So if you are really serious about it then start getting the feedback about success of blogging and without wasting much of time turn your passion into a well earning profession .