How to determine the progress of your Instagram Profile Value?

Published at: August 4, 2022

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms, it is essential that your company makes sure to maintain a close check on the metrics that matter the most on Instagram. You will be able to make appropriate adjustments to their social media strategy and point them in the proper path as a result. In this post, we will discuss the nine most important Instagram metrics that you have to monitor in order to assist your customers in accomplishing their objectives.

Important Instagram Metrics Your Agency Should Use to Track Performance

It’s likely that you are already familiar with the distinction between ’reach’ and ‘impressions.’ But what about the proportion of your client’s Instagram followers that really interact with the posts they make? Or the number of clicks that a call to action receives on a website? Although Instagram analytics give an overall picture of how content is doing, each statistic is unique in its own particular manner. The following is a list of nine essential Instagram metrics that may be used to monitor the success of your client on Instagram:

  1. Follower Growth Rate

A big number of followers may be a confidence booster and provide credibility to a company, but it does not necessarily indicate that much about the health of your marketing efforts or your Instagram strategy. On the other hand, the growth rate of your followers provides you with a solid indication of whether or not your company is expanding its scope of influence and attracting the attention of new individuals.

In other words, when assessing your effectiveness on Instagram, the rate at which your follower count increases is often more relevant than the actual number of followers you have. Consider the following: during the course of one month, you get fifty new followers. If you began off with 500 followers, it indicates that your growth rate was 10%, which is a fantastic rate of growth.

  1. Instagram Engagement per Follower

When analyzing a potential collaboration with an influencer, it is crucial to consider this significant indicator, as you do not want to pay for a sponsored post on an account that does not get any genuine interaction. You shouldn’t just look at the raw stats, just as you shouldn’t just look at the follower count or the growth rate. It is essential to evaluate the size of the audience demographics in relation to the number of likes and comments that are received.

  1. Instagram Story Engagement

After you have published a story to the Instagram Business profile of your customer, you will be able to check who has read the story by clicking on the symbol that looks like an eye. Clicking on the graph icon will provide you with a summary of the number of shares, responses, profile visits, and sticker taps. This will allow you to assess how well the story is doing. Instagram stories, which may be either videos or photographs, are rather distinct from ordinary material due to the fact that they are deleted after 24 hours have passed. However, you shouldn’t be concerned that these Instagram insights will be lost!