How To Get More Likes On Instagram?

Do you want to get more likes on Instagram? Do you want to boost the engagement ratio on your Instagram posts? Well, read to know how you can achieve this.

Study Your Audience
Look out for the previous posts or images that got you the highest likes. Learn to understand the mindset or taste of your targeted audience. Also, check your competitor’s account and see what type of stuff they are posting to attract the audience. So, you can take ideas from them and create posts that are unique and grabs the user’s attention. And share it on your social media handle.

Hashtags & Call To Action
You can also buy Instagram post like but apart from that if you need something you can simply ask for it. For instance, you can put up a post and caption it as “Like this if you agree” or you can add hashtags in your post to increase your audience reach. Every time you publish a new post, try adding 10 or 11 hashtags but don’t overdo it otherwise it will look like spam. Doing this step properly can drastically help you boost your followers and likes.

Cross Platform Sharing
If you have followers on your other social media accounts too then don’t hesitate to share your Instagram posts on them. Cross platform sharing enables you to increase your followers base and thereby getting more likes on your post. You can even buy real Instagram post like to increase the count of your likes.

The time at which you share your posts is extremely important. Posting after 10 pm grabs more likes as people are free at that time and enjoy surfing great posts on their feed. Before deciding about timing know about your target audience, where they live (national or international), etc. This way you will get higher exposure and will reach the right audience.