How to react on abusive comments on your social media?

Published at: October 27, 2022

Well, it is a very sensitive topic to discuss. To few , the abusive comments do not have anything to be worried upon but for few others, these can bring upside down in one’s life .

Now , the areas where we need to ponder over is , the gravity of the comments. If the comments are random one’s then it is better to not to think about these. Well , if the one is being trolled on a regular basis, then time to take a break. But still in this very case one should stop for a while and give attention to the following important points:

# If you are a content creator on social media and you are consistent enough to put your reels , videos or other kinds of content , then you need to understand one thing very clearly that you are making your stuff , open to the public , where you will get both kinds of feedback i e. Positive as well as negative also. So , go easy.

# And if you are very sensitive,to whom the viewpoint of others or thoughts of others can emotionally hurt ,then it’s wise to choose your audiences very carefully.

Can one choose an audience for one’s content?

Yes , in modern times it’s possible. Although your reels, videos or streaks will be available for public viewing ,you will get in touch with the viewers who will be in search of your sort of content only.

And this is possible when you will buy instagram followers.

Is it necessary to answer the abusive comments ?? 

No , you need not to answer each and every abusive comment.

Feel proud that you are powerful enough to create your own content . Enjoy every moment of your creativity and bring the best for your viewers or choose your viewers wisely ,and to help you in later cases you are free to buy YOUTUBE views.

Is there any smart way to respond to abusive language?

The answer to this question is very diplomatic, the thumb rule to win any argument is Never Try to Win Any Argument. So ,it’s always wise never to answer any sort of abusive comment as it may lead to an unending battle of argument , which will suck all energy of yours.So apply the BUDDHA WISDOM here i e. Break the cycle.

You must have witnessed in your real life , the several battles on Twitter handles of various celebrities where they had tried to answer an abusive comment and nothing came out of these truffles and manier times it had led to more conflicts.

Use of wisdom to answer the trollers

Sometimes, these kinds of comments can be answered very gracefully without hurting yourself and making others realize  mistakes.

Once the popular singer Tony Kakkar promoted his song through various social platforms . The troller had commented that he would rather poison himself than listen to his songs.

Then the savage reply came from Tony ‘ s side “Don’t die please, your life is precious,so it is better not to listen to my song”. His response was appreciated by everyone so if you have patience and you are wise enough so without creating fuss , the unnecessary commenting can be put to an end.


Then there is an easy solution for all the content creators to avoid such remarks i.e. to reach their audience only.

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