Instagram To Bring New Feature Tools to Prevent a ‘Nudity Post’ on Instagram Feed

Published at: November 4, 2022

The modern age is the age of social media. Whether you are a celebrity or a commoner ,the online apps are totally unavoidable. These have become a necessity of routine like other basic needs. To be in touch with your friends, family, relatives and for other professional purposes, everyone relies upon these platforms . These new age networks have their own pros and cons. The benefits of these modern age platforms are known to everyone, but harmful impacts can be intimidated by only  those who have been targeted knowingly.

One of the most painful events is about receiving unsolicited nude photos on Instagram which has given rise to CYBER FLASHING Cases in recent times.

Although, the legislators all over the world are trying to fight with these nuisances through implementation of cyber laws ,still it has threatened child security and put the personal privacy in dangerous situations, time and again. These porn messages are really dangerous as innocent kids are being sexually abused .

But governments globally can not fight alone with this menace , the companies also need to come forward to curb the same. And here we can sigh of relief as Instagram is working on it .

Now , in near future, we can expect more security and personal freedom while using Instagram as the company is working diligently on developing a new feature i e.  Nudity protection feature. The app developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi is working on this feature.

Although the development process of the above mentioned feature is on embarkation stage, the information about its working style is out on various digital platforms.

This very new tool , will detect the nude pics sent through direct message. The photo will be covered but if the user wants to view the sent pic , in case he receives it from some trustworthy source ,then he will have the option to view it. In the nutshell, the user is at freedom to decide whether to watch it or not. The next important feature of this newly added feature will be to protect the privacy of the user as these sorts of messages will not be shared with the third party.

Although this new tool is at an early stage of development, the kind of social reap reward associated with this new protection feature can be estimated easily. It will not only put an end to Cyber Flashing Cases but the privacy of Instagram users can also be ensured. The worries of new age parents regarding the usage of Instagram will take a back seat as they can relax as the new nudity protection feature will not share the objectionable shots with the third party and moreover this tool can save the children from sexual abuse. But on the other hand , the thinkable question is that when the new tool will process the images , will it do processing with other data also.

Well , every coin has two sides ,so it must have also. Rest , the time keeps lots of secrets to itself, so let’s cross our fingers and wait for the official launch of the NUDITY PROTECTION FEATURE.