New Features Coming to YouTube in 2022

Published at: July 23, 2022

People are encouraged to engage with one another and inspire others by means of large and small content providers as well as advertising on the strong content distribution network. In addition to this, YouTube is making every effort to improve its software by including the most recent features and upgrades for the general public for more YouTube views and subscribers. For example, ever since Google improved its algorithm and began include YouTube videos in its search results, a greater number of users have switched to using YouTube. As a result of YouTube’s meteoric surge in popularity, several companies and online influencers are raking in enormous profits by cultivating large following on their own channels.

Here are all YouTube updates and features to come in 2022

  • Enhancing the Capabilities of the YouTube Studio Editor

In February, YouTube released an upgrade to its Studio Editor feature that included a number of enhancements designed to make the platform’s video-content creation tools more useful. Users now have the ability to simply add video thumbnails, end screens, audio tracks, and information cards to their videos. Videos may also be trimmed down and blurred to fit your needs. This improvement is being made with the intention of making the process of editing videos for each channel’s individual YouTube more streamlined.

  • Empowering Subtitle Editors

According to YouTube, “Subtitle Editor is a new channel permission in YouTube Studio that allows creators to delegate subtitle production on their channel to others.” This permission enables others to add subtitles to videos uploaded to the creator’s channel. In the month of April, several enhancements were made to the access that Subtitle Editors had. Creators have the option of granting trusted individuals’ permission to add and update subtitles on their videos, as well as the ability to alter the subtitle language of videos that were originally set to a default language.

  • Increased Strictness

A new feature that is completely optional has been added to YouTube Studio that gives creators the ability to monitor comments that may include improper content. You have the option to ‘Increase strictness,’ which allows you to hold more comments for review. This is very helpful for content producers who discover potentially harmful information on their channels and desire to remove it.

  • Enhancing supervision functionality

Under supervised accounts, parents have the option of selecting a particular content setting to limit their children’s complete access to movies and music. Children under the age of 13 are able to search for and play this restricted material. They also have the ability to choose which features, default account settings, and advertisements their children are allowed to see.

YouTube made the announcement in January 2022 that these supervised accounts would now be able to use the video sharing platform on eligible smart TVs as well as on other devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets either as an app or through the web browser for better YouTube views and subscribers. This was done to provide parents with additional support. In addition to the website, children who are under adult supervision have access to YouTube Music through the mobile application as well.

In the United States of America, parents who have supervised accounts have the ability to utilize YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music on any device that is equipped with Google Assistant.