Why YouTube Pre-Roll Ads Rock & How to Take Advantage of These Ads

Published at: September 19, 2022

If you use Google AdWords, you may position any of your YouTube videos in front of the videos that YouTube users are most interested in watching. You’ve undoubtedly been here before: you sit down to watch a video, then all of a sudden, a commercial start playing. You have to watch the advertisement for five seconds before you can click the “Skip Ad” button. In-stream advertising is the term that’s used for it. The majority of other individuals refer to it as a pre-roll.

Pre-roll advertising, like many other sorts of advertising, is disruptive and has the potential to be utilised in a manner that irritates consumers and hurts your brand’s reputation. But if you do it well, you give someone a break that is either intriguing, informative, or amusing, which increases the likelihood that they will become a client of yours.

A sort of digital marketing known as pre-roll on YouTube is considered to be at the top of the funnel since its primary purpose is to increase brand recognition while also helping to drive visitors to a website. In addition to that, it may be utilised to generate leads. It’s possible that you’ll get some sales right quickly, depending on what it is that you’re offering, but the results won’t be as immediate as they are with AdWords search advertisements.

Still, we believe that many people are unaware that the reason AdWords is able to give a return on investment (ROI) so quickly is because you concentrate on attracting customers who are ready right now. You are only capitalising on the marketing efforts you took in the past. People search for certain keywords when they are prepared to make a purchase. It’s not so much that AdWords are extraordinarily compelling as it is that people look for those phrases. It’s possible that it took them a few months to get there. Facebook, television, or the radio are the most common places where consumers first learn about an item that they want to purchase. They are persuaded to make a purchase by other marketing activities or articles that they read, and then they look for and make the purchase.

The pre-roll feature on YouTube is almost at the same funnel level as advertising on Facebook. Consequently, you should think about increasing awareness, positioning yourself, and enticing the potential customer. After some time has passed, that individual could later decide to look for your company or become a client after seeing your retargeting advertisement.

Taking Advantage of These Ads

Be sure to generate both the text ad and a banner image measuring 300 by 60 pixels before uploading it while you are creating your pre-roll advertisements. To do this, you will need to click on “advanced ad characteristics” beneath the text ad that you produce. Because of this, the likelihood of people clicking on your video advertisement to visit your website will improve. I went to hunt for a screenshot of the 300×60 advertisement, but as I was doing so, I got hooked into viewing a lot of vine compilation films on YouTube, which is proof of how effective YouTube is!